Pet Portraits  in oil pastels, 40 x 50 cm, commissioned to me by their lovely family - how fun it was to paint these two cuties in their Halloween costumes! I so enjoyed all the process, from selecting the photos (the customer had several beautiful pics of the two dogs) up to drawing and painting them, it kept me in a happy mood just looking at their sweet faces...

Custom Dog Portrait Painting memorial, painted  in Pastel, of a lovely papillon dog - I find this breed has such a cute, clever face, and wonderful fur, with soft shades that are a joy to paint!

A recent child portrait painting of mine,  of a gorgeous little girl in a sunny day at the park...this was such a pleasure to paint, I had a great reference photo to work from, perfect lighting and in high resolution - which nowadays, with the general cell phone pictures trend, is so difficult to get!
Luckily, this was a professional looking photo...
16 x 20' (40 x 50 cm), pastel on velour paper

children's portraits, pastel portrait on velour

Now, a Pet Portrait Memorial - a lovely, sweet little dog named Georgie, who sadly has crossed the rainbrow's bridge last year, whose owner asked me to paint a portrait to commemorate and remeber him in his quiet, serene days with her 

pet portraits in pastel, pet painting dog paintings

A pastel portrait I recently painted, of a very beautiful, adorable little child - shining in a sunny day like an angel, and with such a sweet, serene and adorable expression!Beedless to say, I loved painting him!

custom portrait of a child in pastel

A recent dog portrait drawing in sepia pencils of a wonderful labrador named Parker - she is in her natural element, water...happy and free as any dog should feel!

Pet portrait drawing in sepia pencils, sepia portrait


An exciting hyper active, full of life dog that I had the pleasure to portray in sepia - I loved trying to convey his amusing, happy spirit and I hope I succeeded - in any case, here's Harris Puppy portrait drawing in sepia pencils!

pet portrait, custom portrait drawing of a dog


Yet, another super lovely  child portrait painted in pastels - I'm in awe when I receive the photos from my customers, and see such beautiful  faces, that I really can't wait to start painting them!
In this portrait, I also adored her cute, feminine pose - another little doll!
children's portraits paintingsi n pastel by professional portrait artist


A lovely portrait commission for father's day - such a beautiful baby child, with a doll's face and adorable outfit; her dad loved the present, and so did I painting it!

sepia portrait of a child, custom portraits by portrait artist

A new pet portrait painting in pastel - a dog portrait named Jessie - unfortunately she is not in this world anymore, hopefully in a better one (even though she had a lovely life with her loving human family).
I always feel a special emotion when painting portraits of pets who passed away, and I hope to help their owner feel their presence with them, with my portraits.
custom dog portrait pastel painting

Dog Portrait Drawing in Sepia, 40 x 50 cm (16 x 20')
This is the second portrait commission I drew of the same poodle dog - Stella the therapy dog - a wonderful, curly angel that works as a therapy dog, (pet therapy is a great way to help suffering people, and she does so wonderfully) that I so enjoy to draw and paint - she has the most beautiful curls and waves in her fur!

Pet portrait drawing, pencil portrait of a dog

Dog Portrait Drawing in Sepia Pencil, 25 x 30 cm 
Here's my most recent pet portrait commission - a lovely dog  with a unique asymmetrical expression  which gives him a"pensive" look.
I am in love with his soft, shiny fur that makes me want to pet him!

Dog Portrait Painting in pastel, 50 x 64 cm
Stella, the Therapy Dog
This has been a special portrait commission, because this dog is a very special one: she is a therapy dog, and works to provide people suffering with affection and joy.
She helps them to smile again, she gives them hope and I truly think she is an angel, and it's been a joy for me to paint her portrait.

Child Portrait Painting in Pastel, 35 x 45 cm
A child's smiling happy there anything more beautiful, joyful and meaningful?
And this little girl is just so pretty and adorable, I loved painting her!

 One of my  recent Custom Pet Portrait Commissions, just shipped yesterday,  painted in soft pastels. 30 x 40 cm (12 x 16');
Two lovely and adorable little dogs, very friendly sitting one close to the other - their face expressions are priceless, so relaxed, confident and trusty, I can almost sense their gentle and loving soul!
I'm always so grateful to my customers, for letting me "meet" their wonderful creatures, even if only from a photo!

Custom dog portraits pastel painting

A custom portrait painting commission  in pastel I recently  painted: a beuatiful child, he looks like an angel, with his curly blond hair and perfect was a joy to paint him!!
Also, the photo provided by the customer was great, which helped a lot!

child portrait painting, baby portrait custom

Dog Portrait In Sepia Pencils, 30 x 40 cm
Here's a thoughtful, sweet Cocker - I love this breed because of their natural elegance, their long, soft and wavy fur is a dream and their big eyes makes me melt...dogs are fabulous creatures, and I feel honoured each time I have the chance to portray them!

Custom Dog Portrait Drawing in Sepia Pencils, 25 x 35 cm
Another dog portrait in sepia tones, this time is a lovely beagle - I deeply love this breed, and I enjoy depicting them.
They have a gentle soul (too gentle...). They need to be protected.

 Custom Pet Portrait, Dog Portrait Drawing in Sepia Pencils
25 x 30 cm (10 x 12')
My New Year First Post!  A Handsome, smiling dog portrait, drawn in sepia pencils on paper. I was really missing drawing Pet portraits, as I've been mostly painting Children's portraits lately (which I equally love!)

custom pet portraits,Dog Portrait

Custom Children's  Portrait Drawings  in Sepia pencils,
50 x 60 cm (20 x 24') 
Another Sepia Pencils Portrait, of a beautiful little girl with her teddy bear - I find this technique is very effective and charming, just ideal for soft but detailed portraits with that little  "artsy feel"  that I  always aim for.
Now, back to my easel, as I have to start working on a few dog portrait commisisons as well, always in this sepia pencils technique!

Custom sepia portrait of child

Child Portrait Drawing in Sepia Pencils, 25 x 30 cm (10 x 12')
What a super cute, happy and clever smile has this child!! It was just a joy drawing his portrait, which was commissioned me to be drawn twice - for different recipients of course! I truly enjoyed this commission, as I always say, childrne's portraits are among my favourite subjects to draw and paint! 

child portrait drawing, sepia pencil portrait

Children's Family Portrait Painting in Pastels
A recent commission that I completed - two sweet and happy little sisters, painted in soft pastels on paper, 30 x 40 cm. This is a small portrait, since trying to properly fit two persons in a 30 x 40 cm (12 x 16') size isn't that easy!

Baby Portrait Painting in Pastel 
A very sweet pastel portrait of a beautiful baby and her teddy bear - innocence, softness, delicacy are the elements I tried to convey in this painting - I hope I succeeded!

 Pastel Portrait Painting of a Child
Isn't this little child a beauty? With her curly blond hair and enchanting smile, I had so much fun painting her!
As I always say, painting children is so refreshing and  rewarding, although I also love painting animals, still lifes and flowers...

child portrait painting, custom baby portrait in pastel

Custom Pastel Portrait of a baby
A recent Pastel portrait commission I painted, of an absolutely beautiful baby boy with an irresisitible smile!
I enjoyed painting him in a soft, almost ethereal image. Baby portraits are probably  my favourite subjects..
I love depicting their angel like faces!

 Custom Dog Portrait Painting in Pastel
I've just finished this adorable custom dog portrait, she's a female bearded collie named Thelma .
I fell in love with her "girly" attitude, isn't she super lovely and cute with her pink ribbon? This is a wonderful breed, I loved painting all this long fur and gray shades!

painted dog portrait, dog memorial

Child Portrait Drawing in sepia pencils
One of my latest portraits, a charming child holding his teddy bear, which was commissioned to me to be drawn in sepia tones. He really has an angel's face!

Miniature Child Portrait Drawing in Sepia Tones 
A recent Portrait Commission from an old photo,  of a lovely child  while she was drawing at home (much like I was. back then...).
This portrait drawing has been commissioned in sepia tones, and I think the choice was perfect because it gives that "old" feel to the portrait, that I find so charming and it's just perfect for this image!

Cute Cat Art
Three adorable kittens among roses - new oil pastels painting that I simply loved creating - part of a collection that I am slowly building, focusing on soul nurturing whmisical art. I hope you like it!


Commissioned child portrait in pastel - a new one just off the easel! This sweet baby has an irresistible, curious gaze that I so loved! I truly enjoyed painting this portrait ( but then I always enjoy painting children's portraits..).
Size is 30 x 40 cm (12'x16')

Children's portraits, Painted child portrait
Custom Pastel Portrait of a Child

Children's portraits in sepia pencil - here's my latest one of the serie: an adorable little child portrait drawing in sepia pencils on paper, size 30 x 40 cm (12 x 16').
I simply adore painting children's portraits, their faces are so sweet and intense at the same time!

children's portraits, custom child portrait painting in sepia
Custom Child Portrait Drawing

Child portrait sepia drawing  - Special award - 
My sepia portrait recieved a special award at great International Art Contest!

family portraits drawings, pastel portraits
child portrait sepia drawing


Child Portrait Painting in Sepia
I'm really having a great time painting sepia portraits!
I find they give a classical, elegant look that enphasizes the facial expression, thus adding character to the sitter.
Even though I love pastel portraits for their luminous colours and soft finish, I'm starting to equally love sepia portraits!
Here's a beautiful child, 35 x 50 cm, sepia pencil on paper:
children's portraits in sepia pencil
Chil Portrait Drawing in Sepia Pencils


 Custom Child Portrait Drawing in Sepia
Here's another sepia portrait, this time of  a beautiful little girl with an irresistible smile!
HandChi drawn in sepia pencil on paper, 35 x 50 cm.
Sepia gives such a delicate and romantic look!


Bridal Portrait Drawing in Sepia
May is the month of weddings - and therefore anniversaries! My latest portrait was an anniversary commission, featuring a lovely smiling bride, hand drawn in sepia pencil for a more intimate and delicate look.
40 x 50 cm (16'x20') 
sepia portrait drawing, bridal portrait in pencil
Sepia Portrait drawing of a bride

I've been interviewed by Sian Whitehall on Jane's Apple Blog

 I'm pretty excited as this is a blog I've been following lately, since I find it really interesting, with great tips on Art in general and I think it's a great, new site to discover amazing artists and artisans from all around the world! 
You can read my interview HERE:

Cat Painting in Soft pastels

  I love painting cats, when I get the chance with a commissioned portrait, I really am happy! This one is a certosino, a beautiful breed with a grey - blueish fur colour that I find really  intriguing!

Custom Cat portrait pastel painting

 Custom pet Portrait Pendat
Here I am with somethin new: custom miniature portrait pendant commission that I am now offering in addition to my traditional pastel portraits; I'm showing here two pendant necklaces that I've recently made,  featuring two lovely dogs, hand drawn and hand painted in watercolours on watercolour paper, coated with durable jewelry grade resin protect the artwork.
 I'm really loving nting that small, and I hope to paint some more of them!
The first one (pomeranian dog)  is very, very  tiny, meas just one inch (25 mm) diameter, while the second one (beagle) just 30 mm..
Custo Pet Portrait Pendant

Custom Dog Portrait Pendant

# Children's  Portraits #Pastel portraits
My latest portrait: a sweet and beatiful child, all dressed up and wearing her mum's shoes...what a treat it was to paint this image!!  
Soft pastels on paper, 50 x 40 cm
Children's pastel portraits

Pet Portrait Painting Award:
My dalmatian dog painting "Smiling for the camera" received a Special Award at Best International Art Contest!
Custom Pet Portrait Painting Award

Children Custom Portraits
Here's a lovely child, with an angel's was really a pleasure to paint this portrait.
She would have been such a a great model for Rubens angels paintings!
Child Custom Portrait Painting


Wedding Pastel Portrait of a Bride - 
Having a Portrait painted from your wedding's photos is truly the best way to celebrate and capture forever the Best day of your life... because a portrait has kind of a "fairy tale", soft look that brings back the magic of that very special day, in a way that photos can't.
Sof pastels on paper, 50 x 65 cm

Wedding Portrait in Pastels of a Bride


My painting "A typical cat's day" got awarded at Best International Art Contest!
Alessandra Rosi award winning Certificate


A new Pastel Portrait, this time of a lovely and pensive child...I have to admit that children's are my favourite subjects to be portrayed, since they have such angel's faces, that they "need" to be portrayed, to capture that innocent and sweet gaze forever!

Children's portrait pastel paintings


Here we are in the new Year, with a new Portrait:a beautiful girl in a sunny summer day... painted as all of my portraits, with soft pastels on acid free pastel paper

Custom Pastel Portrait Painting of a girl


This year is almost gone...time really flies!
This is one of my latest Portraits: it was commissioned as a Christmas gift from a husband to his wife, and it has been a real pleasure to paint this lovely smiling mother and little daughter portrait! 

Family Portrait Custom painted from photo


Here is my last commission: the portrait of a beautiful dog that, sadly, isn't here anymore: I truly hope that my painting will help his owners feel his presence and remember him for ever.

Dog Portrait custom painted from photo

A new cat painting - a norvegian cat - just finished!
It's painted in soft pastels on velour, it looks really soft and lively, it's much better in person that in photo. Anyway, here he is!  
Cat Pastel Painting Portrait

I'm now busy with my next portrait commissions, to be delivered in time before Christmas...stay tuned, I'll share them here soon!

I've officially opened my Google+ Page, where I'll be sharing my paintings, portraits in progress and any other new about me and my Art. 
I welcome you to come and visit my brand new  Google + page here
 I'd love to interact with any one interested in Arts in general.. 
For now,  I'm just trying to find my way through communities, circles, etc...It's an exciting new world for me and it looks so interesting (and fun as well!).  
I'm waiting for you there! 

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