A miniature portrait pendant is a wonderful way to keep your dearest loved ones close to your heart and it becomes a unique family jewel treasured heirloom to be cherished for ever.

Miniature portrait jewelry  were very popular among 16th-century elites in England and France; Soldiers and sailors used to carry miniature paintings of their beloved while traveling, while wifes kept one of their husband close to their heart while he was far from home.
These miniature portraits were also commissioned  to commemorate births, weddings, engagements and as a portrait memorial for deaths.
 A very popular trend in the mid 1800  was also Eye miniatures or Lovers' eyes: these were Georgian miniature watercolor paintings, depicting the eye of a spouse, loved one or child, set into very intricated and highly decorated pendants.
Today, a hand painted miniature portrait pendant is still very fashionable and it makes a much appreciated sentimental gift:  my miniature portraits are hand painted in watercolours, strictly following the ancient tradition, and they are built up with delicate veils and glazes of translucent color, using super tiny brushes and professional grade watercolour paints on 100% cotton acid free watercolour paper.

The portrait is then set into a beautifully carved antique bronze – silver - antique silver  toned metal  pendant and sealed with a special jewelers grade resin, to protect  it for years to come.
 You can commission a  miniature portrait pendant portraying a family member,  like your child, spouse or parents or it can  be a miniature portrait of yourself, or just an eye portrait, for a mysterious and intimate portrait; it might just be as well  a pet portrait pendant, to celebrate and immortalize your dog, cat, horse or any other animal companion, and it also makes a special pet portrait memorial, to remember and honour  those that we have lost. 

  These portrait pendants measure 1 inch (25 mm) or slightly more, like 30 mm. They are really tiny precious gems of wereable art! 
Miniature pet portrait jewelry, dog portrait
Custom Miniatura Portrait pendant

pet portrait jewelry
Custom Miniature Pet portrait Pendant

Miniature jewelry pendant
Custom Miniature Pet Portrait Pendant

Custom dog portrait necklace
Custom Miniature Pet Portrait Pendant

Custom Miniature pet portrait pendant, pet jewelry
Custom Miniature Pet Portrait Pendant